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What have clients said?

From: Philip Dear Alison I know what you said yesterday about feedback but... You had a really great impact on the group here so thank you so much for that. John R. (the number 2 who liked playing games) said specifically to say how much he had enjoyed and valued the session! Hilary was over the moon and thought the breathing and nerve calming techniques to have been especially useful. Lots of hilarity about nuns going for a holiday and thinking about the impressions one makes in front of other people. So a very bonding experience which was just what I wanted to achieve. So the Diva has delivered (and we all loved the shoes.) Love and gratitude Philip xx City of London
Vocal Consultant
Dear Diva,  Thank you again for the session last night.  I thought it was a really good evening and everyone enjoyed it and learnt some valuable lessons.  Please see below for some feedback (not asked for as I’m not in the office today…) which is all very positive, especially from my 3 fellow Directors! As ever,  Director of Compelling Research "The workshop that Conducting Business delivered at the CIPD Scottish Partnership conference was a triumph!  Both Adrian and Alison led 50 HR delegates through a very different and inspiring investigation into the elements of what makes a great presentation.  It was both great fun and extremely informative. The approach was quite different from any that I have experienced before and delegate feedback has been unanimous in its warmth and delight!  A truly worthwhile session and highly recommended." C. Moreland, Past Chair of the CIPD Scottish Partnership. Thanks very much for our Diva encounter.  I’m sure we learned some valuable lessons!  And had a laugh. Magnus Thank you for arranging last night’s Diva session. I think everyone was surprised at how much we enjoyed it.  Alison was great. I heard a lot of positive feedback and we all agreed that this kind of thing was very important given the number of new staff we have. Nils
Get in on the act! My session with Alison was an enjoyable time with an  excellent tutor.  I was made very comfortable, which was  essential in my case of working on public speaking.    The skills l learned l have been putting into practice  and have my Diva survival notes!   Thanks for the confidence building, with all the elements. I highly recommend Alison Pearce  for her first rate attention and guidance  Genny Hurst ,  Healthcare Professional "Recipe for Success – Scottish Conference Thank you for a truly superb workshop at the CIPD Conference. Not only did I find it the best workshop I attended there, it was also the best workshop I have attended on presentation skills ... I hope it’s OK to offer some feedback at this late stage. For starters, you both have a refreshingly straightforward, direct and non-judgemental delivery style that fully accounts for participants’ ability to learn, take responsibility for themselves and communicate. Having attended workshops where  facilitators keep ’rescuing’ people who are uncomfortable with learning I found, this empowering and energising. Secondly, you are both really good (and fun) to listen to - right ‘off the page’ in terms of who you are and where you’re coming from, whilst being equally interested in who we were and our particular strengths and styles. Thirdly, you challenged and stretched us - hurrah - whilst keeping a wonderfully light touch. And fourthly – no jargon, buzzwords, magic solutions, a real invitation to experiment, practise and develop. Kind regards, Helen Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
Words in themselves are a powerful force, using them to communicate is a phenomenal force. Translating what is in our head into an articulate, compelling presentation is one thing, confident and engaging delivery is another. How many presenters know what to say but don’t know how to say it? Using the spoken word with confidence and artistry is where Alison Pearce excels. As an internationally acclaimed soprano, it’s no surprise that Alison uses her craft to help develop the physical and emotional imperatives of public speaking. She understands the dynamic goes far beyond words, drilling down into confidence, nerves, breath control, voice levels, tone and clarity. In fact, all the honed attributes required to deliver a stellar vocal performance. Success with style and a lot of fun is an intoxicating mix and as a result Alison is in great demand from some of Europe’s leading companies, facilitating group workshops, as well as working on a one to one basis with CEO’s and Directors. As Rollo May quoted: “Communication leads to Community” and today’s corporates know full well the importance of effective employee engagement. Her straight talking, down to earth style coupled with consummate professionalism will challenge, inspire, motivate, empower and above all deliver long-lasting results. Jeanne Holland-Young (Alison Pearce’s biographer)
Alison has been my teacher for many years, guiding me through my postgraduate studies at the RAM and the development of my professional vocal career. She has an incredible musical ear and I am indebted to her for helping me to understand demanding vocal techniques, finding interesting vocal colours and giving me the tools with which to approach new pieces and performances with great confidence. Sarah Dacey
It has been my huge pleasure and privilege to collaborate with Alison for over twenty years as conductor, pianist and fellow coach. Her wealth of experience and ability to impart really useful and inspiring technical and musical information has been invaluable to many, many performers. Her masterclasses and workshops are always hugely informative and entertaining, with everyone coming away from them having had a great time, and most importantly, having gained skills to help them take their performing and communicating abilities forward. Ben Costello Musical director, pianist and adjudicator, working internationally
"I came to Alison in need of vocal training to improve my performance in interviews. Her charming and personal approach got to the heart of what I wanted to achieve. My renewed sense of confidence has already lead to a great new job! I cannot thank Alison enough for her help and for sharing the Diva survival techniques. I highly recommend her tutelage to anyone looking to harness the power of their voice and presence." Natalia